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Walter Duke + Partners is a full service commercial real estate and business valuation firm that has been providing defensible and innovate valuation solutions to the Florida commercial real estate market for over 40 years. With a combined experience of over 150 years the professionals at Walter Duke + Partners are highly credentialed operate with the ease of a company that is comfortable in its culture and humbled by its longevity and success.

Core valuation services at Walter Duke + Partners include credit underwriting/risk assessment, estate planning, lease renewal counseling, and specialized real estate and economic studies.

Walter Duke + Partners understands the power of strong loan underwriting. By providing key external underwriting and valuation analyses we put our valued lender clients in the best position to ensure proper management of market and credit risk. In today’s regulatory environment strong credit underwriting is an absolute must. Walter Duke + Partners has helped safely and properly underwrite over $26B in commercial real estate loans.

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Along with those services, Walter Duke + Partners offers business/going concern valuations and litigation/mediation support.

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